Underground Wires and Public Utilities: This is an important step to insure the safety of our crews and avoid needless repair bills for you: Fortress Fencing will call in all public utilities for you in time for your scheduled build. If you have any private lines or pipes, it is extremely important that you notify us immediately and personally call them in to be located and painted before your scheduled dig. Private undergrounds include: cables running to pools, well or septic tank pipes, sprinkler systems, satellite dishes, etc. This is an important step to insure the safety of our crews and avoid needless repair bills for you. We are not responsible for cutting any private underground utilities.

Property Lines:

You, the customer, assumes full responsibility for any cost and/or legal action pertaining to the location of the new fence. We cannot stress enough the importance of having your property lines professionally marked by a surveyor. This will avoid any confusion in the future between you and your neighbors, or any Home Owner’s Association. Your approval for the location of your fence will be required before we begin any project.

Clearing the Fence Line:

The entire fence line should be clear of all obstructions and debris before your scheduled build unless you have made prior arrangements with the Estimator. Extra charges may apply if we are required to clear your fence line and may affect the schedule of your building process.

Rock or Buried Obstacles:

Your fence price does not include drilling through rock or any material that may require heavy equipment. Unless prior arrangements have been made with your Estimator, such obstacles my require an adjustment to your fence layout or post spacing.

Restrictions and Permits:

Some neighborhoods and cities have special restrictions related to fencing and require permits to install a fence. Most cities limit the height of your fence to 4ft tall in the front yard, and 6ft tall on the remaining property. It is your responsibility to contact your zoning officer or Owner’s Association to inquire about a permit or any special restrictions. Often times we are able to supply you with drawings on your plot diagram or pdf images of your fence style to assist with the procedure. Please feel free to call with any questions.


We build each fence to match the contour of the ground and fit in your specific space. It is important to keep in mind that sharp hills or dips may result in the fence being on the ground, and sometimes above the ground. Gates in sloping areas may cause some opening under them. Please discuss any concerns with your Estimator in advance.

Wood Fencing:

Any treated wood is subject to some degree of warping, splitting and cracking following the installment. We have no control over any of the above situations. Our warranty concerning warping, splitting, and cracking is to provide replacement boards or posts. Our warranty does not include providing labor for the replacement unless it has been identified within 10 days following our final inspection. If there are any questions or problems with your fence after installation it is very important to call us immediately so we can make necessary corrections.

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